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Marie Gentry

Marie moved to Savannah in 2015 to help Fans First Entertainment launch the Savannah Bananas and has seen Banana Pandemonium unfold since day one.

Originally a jack-of-all-trades, Marie has narrowed her focus to the Fans First Experience and specifically how the Bananas implement that experience for their staff. The Bananas are proud of the culture that has been created inside the office and Marie helps lead that internal experience. Marie is able to share with business leaders things that have gone well and things that have gone not as well within the walls of the office and especially with the 150 hourly staff that work Bananas games. One of the most captivating parts of the Fans First Experience Workshop is when Marie leads a candid Q+A between attendees and Bananas staff. You never know where the conversation will go!

She’s proud to call Savannah home now and looks forward to seeing how the Bananas can continue to bring Fans First to the world.

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