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Find Your Yellow Tux By Jesse Cole


Stop Standing Still, Start Standing Out.



Stop Standing Still, Start Standing Out.

In Find Your Yellow Tux, Jesse Cole, in-demand speaker and baseball ringleader, shares how you can achieve amazing things by doing the unexpected. Using examples from his life and the lives of his heroes—P. T. Barnum, Walt Disney, and MLB owner Bill Veeck—Cole shows how to reinvigorate your goals, reignite your passions, and excel in business and beyond.

The time to break the mold is now—with Find Your Yellow Tux, you’ll discover how to find joy and success in everything you do.


“Find Your Yellow Tux will give you a behind-the-scenes perspective on what it takes to stand out in a noisy world and incite energy and enthusiasm that will be the envy of any rivals. This book is not about baseball – it’s about creating a business with customers who are more than purchasers of a product or service. This book will show you how to make those customers loyal fans who promote your brand and create new customers in ways that are envied by those frustrated with the latest marketing secrets and social media techniques.

You’ll be encouraged that when failure is looming, you can choose to see opportunity.

You’ll be reminded that “normal” is not a desirable position. Being your unique self can open doors of opportunity, joy, and fulfillment that others miss.

You’ll see ways to stand out in any industry or profession.”

-Dan Miller, New York Times best-selling author, 48 Days to the Work You Love

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